The Meade ETX 90AT brings computer controlled astronomy to everyone. No longer is it necessary to have a degree in astronomy to enjoy the wonders of the heavens. After a simple setup of the #497 Autostar computer controller you are off to enjoy the wonders of the universe. The ETX 90AT comes with a basic controller but for it to be completely computer controlled you need the #497 Autostar controller. The extreme portability and ease of the ETX 90AT makes it a terrific instrument for campers, travelers, eclipse chasers. With the addition of a camera adapter #64-T you can use the ETX 90AT as a 1250mm super telephoto lens for astro and nature photography.

IN STOCK WITH UHTC (Ultra High Transmission Coatings)
Makes your ETX 90AT have 20% more light gathering power!

NEW ETX 125EAT Same design as the ETX 90AT but with a 125mm. aperature!!!
Contact us for availability and pricing with UHTC or standard coatings.

Specifications Meade ETX 90EC: 
Optics: D= 90mm F= 1250mm F/13.8 with UHTC coatings
Mounting: dual axis with DC servo motor control
Power supply: 8 AA batteries, life span 20 hours
Supplied with: standard 4 speed electric slow motion control, optional
#497 computer controller, 1 1/4" 26mm Super Plossl eyepiece.
Weight: 9.2 lbs.

BUY THE AUTOSTAR 497 AND 884 TRIPOD AND GET FREE SHIPPING UNTIL 08/31/10! The aUTOSTAR 497 turns the ETX 90EC,105 and 125 into a fully computer controlled telescope. This controller has in its memory a datebase of over 14,000 celestial objects.

The deluxe field tripod can be used with all ETX astro scopes except the EXT 70. This is a heavy duty adjustable tripod that can be adjusted from 34" to 54". It also features micrometerc adjustments for altitude and azimuth which will allow for precise polar alignment.

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