The Meade 4500 represents the ultimate beginners telescope!. It is a bit harder to master than the Meade 230 but a little patience will make it all worth it. It does though cost more than the Meade 230 but if you have it in your budget this is worth going for. The views of planets and moon will take your breath away. It also has large enough light grasp to bring many deep sky objects into your view.
Model 4500-Supplied complete with 114mm (4.5") 
Coated mirror and aluminum optical tube assembly 
(D = 114mm F = 9OOmm, f/8)
Rack-and-pinion focuser (1.25")
Equatorial mounting with dual worm-gear slow-motion controls,
Setting circles, latitude control with scale, 
Full-length variable-height aluminum tripod with accessory shelf
6 x 3Omm viewfinder; MA 25mm (36X) eyepiece (1.25"), instructions.
Weight 27 lbs.
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