The Meade 395 is the ideal scope for the advanced amateur who appreciates exquisite image quality and mobility of a refractor. The 90 mm Multi Coated objective lens will give you some of the most exquisite views of the moon and planets . It also has enough light gathering power to bring to you most of the major deep sky objects.

Model 395-Supplied complete with 9Omm (3.5") 
Multi-coated objective lens and aluminum optical tube assembly 
(D = 9Omm F = 1OOOmm, f/1l)
Rack-and-pinion focuser (1.25")
Equatorial mounting with dual worm-gear slow-motion controls,
Setting circles, latitude control with scale, 
Full-length variable-height aluminum tripod with accessory shelf
6 x 3Omm viewfinder; diagonal mirror; MA 25mm (40X) eyepiece (1.25"),
Weight 27 lbs.
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