The Meade 230 is an excellent starting scope. We also recommend it as its very mobile and takes no time to setup. This is not to be confused with cheap "Department Store" toy telescopes, this is a quality instrument. It has a 60 mm objective lens and focal length of 700 mm. The high quality of its lens will give you breath taking views of brighter objects. The moon will have you in awe of its stark beauty. Jupiter and Saturn will reveal their beauty. This is an easy scope for the beginner to master.
You will be in command of this scope in a short time. For a small investment you can explore the universe with a quality telescope.

Model 230-Supplied complete with 60mm (2.4") 
Mulit-coated objective lens and aluminum optical tube assembly 
(D = 60mm F = 7OOmm, f/11.7)
Rack-and-pinion focuser (1.25")
Altazmuth mounting with slow motion control rod
Full-length variable-height aluminum tripod with accessory shelf
5x24mm viewfinder; diagonal mirror; MA 25mm (28X) and MH9mm (78X)
Eyepieces (1.25"), instructions.
Weight 7 lbs.
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